Environmental Policy


  • This policy is to ensure that the Company complies with specific environmental legislative, Government Guidance and regulatory requirements, and that best practice is followed where reasonably practicable.
  • The promotion of environmental protection is an objective of the Company, employees and sub-contractors.
  • All employees and sub-contractors are conversant with the Company Environmental Policy and the actions required to follow the policy
  • Regular environmental audits of company activities are carried out, and all endeavours are made to continually improve the environmental performance of the company.
  • Co-operate with the Communities in which we operate, the Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour


  • All fuels, chemicals and other materials used in the course of work are stored, handled and disposed of according to relevant legislation and / or guidelines in order to reduce or prevent any risk of pollution. Emergency are in place in the event of spillage.
  • Any discharges to watercourse, groundwater or controlled waters are carried out with the consent and / or permission of the relevant regulatory body.
  • The use of products containing organic solvents is avoided where possible and the use of viable alternatives investigated. Ozone depleting chemicals are not used as part of the business.


  • The Company ensures that any solid, special or other wastes produced as part of their work is properly stored, handled and disposed of by an approved waste operator, with all relevant records being kept for the required period.
  • Waste will be segregated and recycled at every opportunity, and maintains clean and tidy work sites to ensure minimum inconvenience to clients.


  • Any work within or in the vicinity of a Site of Special Scientific Interest or similar protected area is carried out with the consent and / or permission of the relevant body.
  • Any notifiable or noxious weeds (Giant Hogweed, Ragwort etc.) encountered during the course of work are handled and any waste produced disposed of according to the relevant guidelines and with the consent and / or permission of the relevant body.


  • The use of energy resources, water resources, materials, and waste produced are monitored and all practical efforts are carried out to use resources efficiently and to reduce waste production.
  • Timber products will only be sourced from certified sustainable and legal sources.

This Policy will be reviewed annually or where required by legislation changes.