Health & Safety Policy


The Company is involved in the specialist branch of construction – scaffolding and ancillary tasks, operations and processes – in domestic, commercial, new build and refurbished projects. The work is carried out on a range of sites and locations all year round.

The Company will usually directly employ supervisory personnel, and where self-employed tradesmen and general operatives are retained they will be deemed, for the purposes of safety, to be employees of the Company.


Through its Directors and senior managers, the Company is committed to establishing and maintaining:

  • o Specific standards, controls and procedures for the planning and management of health and safety and welfare at work;
  • o Safety Management standards, controls and procedures which are resourced financially with the same diligence, commitment and expertise as other managerial functions;
  • o Standards of information for employees and other individuals working for or under the control of the company;
  • o A safety awareness training programme to enable all duty holders to be aware of requirements and controls established and developed by the company for their well-being and protection at work.

Duty holders appointed for planning, specification and procurement will at all times be sufficiently competent and have authority to implement the requirements of this Policy and any subordinate procedures.

All employees will be made aware of, comply with, and contribute to the on-going development of this policy document. The general requirements shall be issued along with job-specific controls upon commencement of employment, and copies of the Policy document shall be displayed at Head Office and issued to all Company supervisors for reference and study.