Environmental Policy


  • This policy is to ensure that the Company complies with specific environmental legislative, Government Guidance and regulatory requirements, and that best practice is followed where reasonably practicable.
  • The promotion of environmental protection is an objective of the Company, employees and sub-contractors.
  • All employees and sub-contractors are conversant with the Company Environmental Policy and the actions required to follow the policy
  • Regular environmental audits of company activities are carried out, and all endeavours are made to continually improve the environmental performance of the company.
  • Co-operate with the Communities in which we operate, the Government, regulatory bodies and other interested parties with the shared vision of being a good and trusted neighbour


The Equal Opportunities Act 2010 states that it is unlawful to discriminate directly or indirectly in recruitment or employment because of the nine ‘protected characteristics’ contained within the Act.

To this end the company is committed to the elimination at all levels within the company of discrimination on the grounds of 1) age, 2) ‚disability, 3) ƒgender reassignment, 4) „marriage and civil partnership, 5) …pregnancy and maternity, 6) †race, 7) ‡religion or belief, 8) ˆsex, and 9) ‰sexual orientation.

Health & Safety Policy


The Company is involved in the specialist branch of construction – scaffolding and ancillary tasks, operations and processes – in domestic, commercial, new build and refurbished projects. The work is carried out on a range of sites and locations all year round.

The Company will usually directly employ supervisory personnel, and where self-employed tradesmen and general operatives are retained they will be deemed, for the purposes of safety, to be employees of the Company.

Drug & Alcohol Policy

Eastlon Scaffolding is committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure environment for all its employees and for those affected by its operations and activities. It recognises the inherent risks associated with drug and alcohol use, abuse and abuse or misuse of other substances.